• Asian Pork Fillet
    Double cooked pork served with our blend of Asian flavored sauce
  • Php 240.00

  • R & A Smoked Ham
    Homemade smoked ham served with our pineapple based sauce
  • Php 280.00

  • Crispy Pata
    Double cooked pork pata – tender and juicy meat and crispy skin
  • Php 410.00

  • Patatim
    Double cooked pork pata then topped with our own blend of vegetable and sauce
  • Php 450.00

  • Deep Fried Pork with Chili and Garlic
    Deep fried pork fillet and finished with our chili and garlic blend
  • Php 210.00

  • R & Slow Cooked Ribs
    Pork rib rubbed with our St. Louis style dry rub then cooked until tender
  • Php 325.00

  • Litsong Kawali
    Double cooked pork belly
  • Php 300.00


  • Chicken Foo Yung
    Chicken with vegetable omelette, Chinese Style
  • Php 200.00

  • R & A Stuffed Chicken Breast
    Chicken breast stuffed with traditional bread stuffing
  • Php 340.00

  • BBQ Boneless Chicken Leg
    Chicken leg cooked on our own blend of BBQ sauce
  • Php 220.00

  • Binakol na Manok
    Half chicken cooked on young coconut juice and young coconut meat
  • Php 290.00

  • Binakol na Native na Manok
    Half native chicken cooked on young coconut juice and young coconut meat
  • Php 360.00

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
    Chicken breast stuffed with Ham and Cheese
  • Php 340.00

  • Chicken Teriyaki
    Sliced chicken and radish cooked with our blend of teriyaki sauce
  • Php 335.00

  • Fried Chicken
    Whole chicken cut into pieces, seasoned then deep fried
  • Php 380.00

*All prices are inclusive of 12% VAT